Kitsch Pride

kitsch pride

I slipped out of the Brownstone and down 7th Street. Rainbow balloons floated along 7th Avenue. My cheeks hurt from smiling. The LGBTQ community cheered louder than my high school during a pep rally. Except, I joined in the sound with a kind of sincerity known as Pride.

“I’m gay,” I said and ran back home.

Fifteen years later, I moved to Orlando to become an artist. But Brooklyn never left my soul. Although I’m not from New York, the city and state remained an influence, just like the New Yorker.

I signed up for their 12- week subscription back in February. Their stories inspired this writer to start reading magazines again. I loved sneaking in a two-minute-read between serving tables. A free tote bag also came with the subscription which tote-lly rocked!

If you have any magazine recommendations leave a comment below! Thank you, everyone, for supporting my page. Leave some love. Happy Pride!

All the best,

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