My Glee-spiration

There’s one thing I love surely in this world and it’s Television. The colors, sounds, emotional stories, are all pieces that when placed correctly create entertainment. Entertainment and Inspiration.


“Glee” is an inspirational show to me. At first it was about a high school show choir. A group of misfits that wanted to express themselves with music and so joined the glee club, The New Directions. Their world though is full of villains out to silence them. Whether the motive is jealousy, glee club rivalry, or even romance, The New Directions move through these barriers to succeed.

Each season the club gets closer and closer to winning a National Show Choir competition. That isn’t their only challenge though. Eventually each member has to face life outside of high school. This is when I felt completely in sync with the show because this is my challenge today.

Life after high school, outside my hometown, is so much harder than I could have possibly imagined. It’s also the most giving. I was never in a glee club in high school, but I always knew there was a voice inside me waiting to express itself.


In the fourth season the character Rachel Berry applies to a mystical school in New York. At her audition she chokes, twice. It was a moment I personally shared with her because I too “choked”. My application to a New York Art School was denied and I had nowhere to go. Foolishly we both thought there was a golden future entitled to our name. Maybe there is but at that moment it all just seemed like an illusion.

New York in my mind was this juicy vibrant metropolis that I needed to bite into. Maybe that’s why people call it The Big Apple. It’s richness are talents like art, writing, singing, and dancing. I wanted to taste it. All of it. I wanted to become New York if I could but first I needed to move past this failure.

I began to do more and more art. I wasn’t going to let this one challenge stop my way to the place I wanted to be. If there was a voice inside me then this was the moment to prove it. So I took a chance and moved to Orlando instead where I attended school for writing. All the way I listened to the Glee version of “Roots Before Branches,” because like the song I still had much to learn about my ambition and myself.