My name is Benjamin P. Gallagher. I feature Queer voices on my blog, specifically artists.

I work as the Development Assistant at Timucua Arts Foundation, a non-profit which works to inspire great music and art in Central Florida through performance and education. I also write for local papers like the  Community Paper DowntownClick here to view my published pieces!  I usually feature books, art, and local events on my Instagram story.


I’m interested in collaborations concerned with Queer life. Each collaboration will feature a minimum of three blog posts and a one-week promotion on my Instagram story depending on the content. Rates will vary depending on the scope of work, usage, and exclusivity, but please reach out to me with all budget levels. I would love to learn more about your objectives and figure out ways we can work together within your budget. Contact me at

Benjamin P. Gallagher is available for collation on the following projects:

  • Sponsored blogs, vlogs, and social posts
  • Events and meet and greets
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Instagram Livestream
  • And all other artistic projects which are primarily concerned with Queer life.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Benjamin P. Gallagher

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