Category: Adventures of BoyKitsch

  • Boy Anima

    Boys, unravel your misconceptions about beauty. I’m 29 and still learning about the Anima spirit. Why? Because feminine energy helps me create art. Make up words with the sound of colors. Your perception will challenge the status quo. Soon the world will know about the power of your imagination. This picture acknowledges the change I […]

  • “Boy Swamp”

    Writing requires a journey to the sinkhole. Words and water flow easily enough in the Orlando heat. But it took time to grow these flowers for you. Where do you find inspiration? I would love to know. Don’t forget to leave a comment ♥️ @anthonyemancuso for taking this awesome pic! You can find this pic […]

  • Boy Dominant

    “Boy Dominant” Say it again, Daddy! You want me to crush your FemBoy delusions. Fine, but I never pick up the roadkill. Who else feels this way? 📸 Check out my Instagram: Boykitsch