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  • Immerse BoyKitsch

    Immerse BoyKitsch

    The Creative City Project hosted their annual Immerse event in Orlando, Florida. Read my blog to learn about my experience!

  • Mother Kitsch

    Mother Kitsch

    “Kitsch Heart” by Benjamin Gallagher   The human heart pulls destiny out of God’s back pocket. It falls back to Earth to find a quiet corner in South Florida. The plan unfolds on papyrus paper once held by the Daughter of Re. Fingerprints outline an unanswered prayer. The heart wonders why God would ignore such […]

  • Kitsch Modern

    Kitsch Modern

    EXCLUSIVE CONTENT COMING TO A BLOG NEAR YOU! SUBSCRIBE NOW! “Kitsch Modern” By Benjamin Gallagher “There’s no such thing as original content anymore!” Art Provocateurs tell me. We stand in the center of a bustling art gallery. People marvel over the twinkling ornaments hanging on each of the four walls. I roll my eyes. “Art […]

  • Boy Friends

    “Boy Friends” @anthonyemancuso and I met in an art room over eight years ago. We lived together on and off for seven of those years. He’s straight and I’m gay. Sexuality has never been a defining characteristic of in friendship. Love has. The picture on the left side is one taken right before an Of […]

  • “Orlandough Boy”

    Hi friends, I took a short break from SM to work on my mental health. Insomnia and anxiety kept me depressed the past couple of months. Staying fit, finding a new apartment, a new roommate, and working two jobs weighed heavy on my mind. Depression grew out of the expectations that I controlled. Somewhere along […]

  • “Boy Out”

    “Boy Out” by Benjamin Gallagher  “I can’t move,” I said to friends. We sat outside amongst the other students waiting for the first bell to ring. High School started last month. I came out to my parents over the summer. They accepted me with open arms, unlike the student body.  “Don’t sit near him. He’s […]

  • “Boy Bliss Cares”

    “Boy Bliss Cares” By Benjamin Gallagher Hello, I’m so lucky to live in a city that acknowledges transgender citizens. This mural was made possible by Bliss Healthcare. Bliss is a great resource for the LGBTQ community in Central Florida. They provide financial and medical options for transgender people. It’s also a great place to start […]

  • “Boy Act Love Give”

    “Boy Act Love Give” By Benjamin Gallagher This year I vow to become an active member of the LGBTQ community, both local and global. Love and Compassion makes a family. Everyone deserves the chance to find one. Luckily, every organization needs a volunteer! Helping others build their outreach will bring Orlando closer together. Here are three […]

  • Kitsch Pride

    I slipped out of the Brownstone and down 7th Street. Rainbow balloons floated along 7th Avenue. My cheeks hurt from smiling. The LGBTQ community cheered louder than my high school during a pep rally. Except, I joined in the sound with a kind of sincerity known as Pride. “I’m gay,” I said and ran back […]

  • Proper & Wild – Food Review

    Proper & Wild – Food Review

    My relationship with food changed six months ago. Counting calories made eating-out a luxury. I lost 20lbs by focusing on numbers rather than flavor. Food became an equation that solved a mystery about determination. I could achieve any goal with the right tools and mindset. Now, food represents both the problem and the solution of […]