About Blog

Who is the Boy? Yes, I am a twenty-nine-year-old person who addresses himself as Boy. The word describes a perspective unique to my stories. Boy rediscovers the world through technicolor eyes after taking antidepressants. Boy helps me understand both the masculine and feminine side of the universe. Boy takes on many alternate forms such as BoyAngel, Boy Anima, Boy Seahorse and much more!

Why Kitsch? Correct me if I am mistaken: Hulu ran a documentary on fashion some years ago. It premiered D&G which credited an old Cuckoo clock as the main inspiration for a clothing line. I figured all art stems from kitsch. My work reflects on the idea that beauty lies in the ugly. I’m not afraid to embarrass myself so long as it teaches me something worthwhile.

Why a blog? Honestly, my life outgrew every other social media platform. I wanted to share all of the experiences that the universe provided. Everything from buying my first pair of heels to walking in the Orlando Pride Parade gave me stories worth reliving on and off the page. I promise to honor those experiences with all my heart. ❤

Thank You for reading my blog! Thank you, God and the Universe for giving me a family that supports an artist. Thank you, Anima, for keeping your creative channels open to a soul sometimes lost in the void. Thank You, Yin & Yang, for standing me up on my own two feet during times of struggle. Queer Forever.



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