Dear Venus87,

Today, I found your blog post “six rules for the gay gogo boy”. It inspired me to read your other LiveJournal entries. Your frustration sparked old embers inside me. We could have burned a lot of bridges together. So maybe it’s good that we were so far apart.

See, I was angry at the world until this year. Therapy and medication helped me to become a happier person, who just began their adventure as a Go-go dancer. I wanted this opportunity since High School.

I’m twenty-nine years old now, so living out that dream feels fantastic. I am living a life of intentional decisions. However, hearing myself describe this sensation to people is concerning to the Old Me.

Because Old Me wouldn’t have walked in the Pride Parade with his shirt off. He wouldn’t have known how to say “hello” to strangers without feeling remorse. He wanted to be defined without knowing which language to speak first. I am still him but wiser.

Thank you, Venus87 for your advice on Go-go dancing. All I ever want to do is help make people happy. And to get paid. And there’s no shame in that. I hope you found happiness somewhere.



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