Genius Enigma

When: August 2019

Where: Orlando

Who: BoyKitsch™

“Try on anything,” David, a slender blonde man said to me. He sat at the vanity brushing mascara onto his eyelashes. I rested on his bed sorting through eyeshadow pallets, searching for one to match my leopard print shirt. Our friendship grew from occasional meetings around Orlando, Florida. Now we shared make-up before heading out to the City Arts gallery. 


“Just play. Let’s play,” David said and got up to pour me a drink. I carried the pallets over to a dresser where a pair of black Christian Louboutin shoes stood. David handed me a cold pink glass. 

“When did you start wearing heels?” I said, setting the pallets down. 

“A couple of years ago,” David went to the closet and pulled out a pair of silver stilettos. The shoes accented his pants which the late Harriet Lake wore. Both people embodied the creative force of self-expression. Their presence reignited a passion inside me.

Since adolescence, my Anima spirit sought guidance from idols such as Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen. Their presence inspired me to pursue a Fine Arts degree. But without friends, I misinterpreted anger for love, unable to decipher the lexicon of dreams written by a genius enigma. The only difference between myself back then and now was David. 

“I always wanted to wear heels,” I said and took a sip from the cup. David invited me to try on the Christian Louboutin shoes. The blood red shank drew my hand to the cold patent leather. A single touch reconnected me to the Anima spirit. 

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