Sunshine Boy

When: October 18, 2019

Where: Discover Downtown

Who: Sunshine Boy

Thank You, David Lawrence Photography for capturing the excitement of Immerse 2019! I’m grateful for the opportunity to expose a happier version of myself. Now, on to the story!

Photo by David Lawrence Photography

“I want to laugh at myself,” I said to David.

“Yeah, you seem like you have a lot of playful energy. And I’m ready for it!” David said and walked me over to the studio. A dozen people looked on to the set. Their eyes twinkled with laughter as the lights flashed. Or so I imagined.

I waited a long time to feel this good about myself. No, let me correct that statement. I worked really hard to feel this good about myself. The storms passed but not without someone there to hold the umbrella. Through rain and shine, God preserved a piece of myself to give back to the world.

I called this person, Sunshine Boy.

“Your photos came out awesome,” Alexis said. The two of us met thirty-minutes-ago while standing in line for David Lawrence. Her enthusiasm reminded me of a Cyndi Lauper song called, “Shine”.

In time, I learned to love myself. Some wounds never healed from the trauma of the summer in 2016. Pulse and OCD shattered my sense of humor. But in time those wounds became a portal to another world. Sunshine Boy lived there without guilt or shame. That’s where I’m headed. Somewhere over the rainbow.

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