Mother Kitsch


“Kitsch Heart”


Benjamin Gallagher


The human heart pulls destiny out of God’s back pocket. It falls back to Earth to find a quiet corner in South Florida. The plan unfolds on papyrus paper once held by the Daughter of Re. Fingerprints outline an unanswered prayer. The heart wonders why God would ignore such a request.

Stars twinkle above the Atlantic Ocean where the heart searches for the first sign of destiny. “I hear you,” the heart says to the waves. A baby cries out from across the water. Angels float over the beach towards the beating heart.

“It’s time,” the angels say and scoop the heart out of the sand. The angels fly through tidal waves and Euro’s warm breath until finding the infant crying in the wake of dawn. The heart leaps out of the angels’ hands. The baby stops crying.

Two pairs of brown eyes stare into each other. The baby laughs. The heart smiles. Their company brings together a family unlike any other in history. This is the story of my mother and me.


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Benjamin Gallagher

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