“Kitsch Reads The Fellowship of the Ring”


I’m taking my first journey through Middle-Earth this summer! Tolkien’s narration makes me feel like a kid. His descriptions, especially of the fireworks, spark wondrous ideas for my own writing.

In the spirit of celebration, I’m drinking my first beer since last October! @jdubsbrewing Milk Chocolate Porter tastes sweet and salty. The body is a bit thin for my liking, but the chocolate aroma hits the spot. You can pick this beauty up at the @foxtailcoffeeco in the @thehourglassdistrict.

“History begins here” my friends. I want to finish this post with a note about drinking responsibly. Alcohol will not dissolve anxiety. It will not alleviate insecurities for long. I’m drinking to celebrate my mental health. If you are using alcohol to escape things then please seek help. I know what it’s like to want to disappear. Which is why I like to read fantasy novels sometimes. Love yourselves the way Hobbits prioritize food. Always first.

As always, thanks for the support! See you all soon!

Love, BoyKitsch

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