Proper & Wild – Food Review

My relationship with food changed six months ago. Counting calories made eating-out a luxury. I lost 20lbs by focusing on numbers rather than flavor. Food became an equation that solved a mystery about determination. I could achieve any goal with the right tools and mindset.


Now, food represents both the problem and the solution of how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to reward myself today by visiting Proper & Wild. The “Wildburger” hit the sweet spot with its bell pepper chutney spread. Ivy, a delightful server, suggested this option after listening to my request for something “special.” 

Also special, Mason accompanied me on this food adventure. His friendship made the occasion one worth revisiting next month! You could say he’s the Wild to Proper. Good company and food made this experience a memorable one. 

All the best,

Thank you, everyone, who follows and reads my posts! If you have any food suggestions then please leave a thoughtful comment below. Until next time. 

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