3 Tools I Used to Lose 20lbs

In November 2018 I decided to drop 20 lbs. Although healthy for a 5’8 man, I felt uncomfortable standing in front of the mirror. “You can do this,” I said to myself. On April 1st I weighed 131 lbs and felt satisfied with the results. But which tools did I use to accomplish this goal?

Weight Guru – Bluetooth Body Composition Scale inspired me to lose Body Fat. The scale measured pounds, body mass index, muscle mass, water weight, and body fat percentage. I felt lighter and leaner each day because I knew the components of my body. Here were my percentages on 12/3/18 and 3/31/19:

Of course, these results came from using both the scale and Fitness Pal Mobile App. The app tracked my macronutrients daily. Every meal added calories to the goal set in the top right corner. The numbers intimidated me at times, like after eating too many cookies or not enough protein. However, I still recorded every consumed food and beverage.

The shame of a surplus happened weekly. I wanted to lose weight and savor the taste of chocolate. This led me to new recipes like Chocolate Pea Protein Powder mixed with berries for dessert. I learned how to navigate through food craving which felt inspiring. But before gratitude came forgiveness.

Forgiveness became my third and most essential tool for losing weight. I needed to acknowledge the effort made every day, every hour, every minute to feel motivated.

“You are doing the best you can and that’s enough. Everything important will get done. Everything that matters will get done.”

This manta built a foundation for self-confidence to grow. Yes, my physical appearance changed. I never imagined standing in front of a dressing room mirror with six-pack abs.  This reality reminded me of the journey taken. The weekly twenty-eight-hour gym sessions and food tracking led up this moment. Every tool used helped me achieve this goal.

I needed to appreciate this moment by snapping a selfie. I wanted to share this moment by writing about it. Have you lost weight? Which tools did you use? Do you want to lose weight and don’t know where to start? Leave a comment below.

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