Books and a Blog

“It’s a small move I’ve made to move past the first page”

In the beginning there was a collection of notebooks in my possession. Each had a single page filled out with multiple adventures. Monsters ran through sentences before jumping the hurdle into a story about a Florida romance. On the bottom was always the prophet’s signature, a coffee stain I left behind before watching my favorite television program.


For years they stood like props around my bedroom. Invited guests sat among the books and talked about things I didn’t understand. Ambition, College, Fame, Creativity, were all words similar to the ones written on the first pages. There was a difference between the spoken and the printed though.

In conversation people talked about their achievements. There was a gallery down the street in which one of them had just ran an art exhibition. On the bottom of each piece was a familiar signature. It was the same one I saw on a story printed in a literary journal. My friends were achieving something while I sat in an altar.

I learned that the world runs by the success of having done something. So I began this blog because I wanted some proof of this law. My stories have been about travels, small ambitions like college, and at best some fiction. It’s a collection I’m proud of even though I do miss the smell of ink on paper. So every now and then I return the cove beneath my bed.


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