Greetings, Stranger

Daily prompt that I wanted to write for fun. Enjoy. Link. Subscribe. Circulate!  

“ I really don’t know how to answer that, sir.” I said. He sat down right next to me on the bench outside the coffee shop, no invitation needed! In a way I was flattered by the look of his round arms and chin that stared at me like a third eye. The rest of me just felt shivers.
“I’ve been looking for you.” He repeated.
“I don’t know what that means. Did one of my professors send you? It must have been Dr. Diaz. I told him that I would have the paper turned in tomorrow so can you just tell him to trust me because…”
“Neither Dr. Diaz or any of his ancestors has sent me for you.” the stranger said. His voice was rich like my favorite coffee beans the ones my grandmother brought back from Guatemala. I don’t know why these two things clicked together but it made me want to listen to him closer. “ I have come to introduce myself as one of your Gods.”
No longer did he have such a cute chiseled face. Never mind the nipple ring poking out from his left pectoral. The dude was just plain crazy. Laughing was all I could do to keep myself from believing him. I started to get up before Mr. Crazy latched his hand onto my arm. That’s when I saw something.
The vision was like a dream that surrounds you from every corner of reality. A man and woman had received a baby boy and were taking a family photo. Two cream colored faces dotted over a round tar covered body wrapped in a blanket that read Benevolent Chancellor. Everyone looked happy. Everyone except the figures in the background. While the cheerful family readied for the photo there were three figures wrestling with one another in the background. A feathered snake charged itself at a Banshee whom wailed over the baby. Eight stars of celestial light appeared all around and drowned out the image.
Mr. Crazy was looking straight at me. I wondered how long I had been staring at him. My knees were buckling but I had to know what just happened.
“That was the day you were adopted. There aren’t many Gods who aren’t upset at this moment.”
“Why are they upset?” I said. That’s when the stranger, for the first time, appeared shameful. The lines around his mouth aged him to that of my grandfather. The muscle on his arms were flabby but the tattoos on his face glowed like the newborn star I had seen in a textbook.
“Like I said, I’ve been looking for you. It’s been a long time.”


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