I reject inTouch Magazine

I pass by this magazine cover every day while standing in line for coffee. No one forces me to look at it but still it’s there. An ugly photoshopped picture of a beloved actor. Robin Williams was a wondrous person to me for many reasons but ultimately because he made me feel okay to be gay. The Birdcage was a family movie for my household growing up. In the movie Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) & his partner Albert (Nathan Lane) pretend to be a straight couple living in Miami, Florida when in reality they own a drag club downstairs their apartment. The scheme is put on for the sake of their son who is marrying a politician’s daughter. It’s a fantastic movie and I treasure the joy it brings. 

Fast forwards to present day and Robin Williams has left an array of funny, touching, and even some scary movies to watch over and over again. While he was alive I never researched too much into his ongoing life. He had a twitter account but although I’m twenty-something the desire to tweet is still nonexistent. His life to me was what I saw on screen and I prefer to keep it that way. 

To someone like me, a fan, a magazine cover like this disrupts my mourning with feelings of anger. Believe me when I say that I am not angry at Robin Williams but instead the media. The media that fornicates a treasured actor with vile slander in order to sell more magazines, that is what inTouch says to me. How? Because I’ve seen tittles like this before on late night “news reels” telling me how Princess Diana could have been saved but she chose to die. The grave feeling of watching this is similar to watching America’s Most Wanted, as if the public eye missed something, like we’re now responsible for vengeance. 


“He could have been SAVED” is a title that promotes ownership to the reader as if we’re responsible for knowing something that went amiss so we can avenge it. Recall Michael Jackson’s case and the death threats that went forwards to his doctor. When I think of this I can’t help but feel inTouch is trying to reminisce the MJ frenzy. I wouldn’t put it past them that they’re trying to start up another. So that leaves me with this conclusion…

I choose not to give into the media frenzy. I am sad. We all have memories of how someone touched our lives with their humor, their heart, their humanity, and that’s all I care about. I choose to pass down the joy and to not give into the media. The media isn’t what creates someone or something memorable. It’s the person. So cheers to Robin Williams. You are in my heart. 


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