My name is BoyKitsch and if you have been reading my blog then you know that I am a college drop out. I earned the title last November when I refused to attend classes. Living up to it’s name, I signed up for dance lessons, started karaoke, made new friends, and at the end of the day wrote everything down in this blog. 4.1.1

Stories have always been very important to me and the way I see things. I used to pretend in high school that every day took place in a television show. One episode I “came out” by mistake to an entire classroom, in another I was pulled into a universe similar to that of the movie FAME, and in there was once a season finale where I told my first love to never see me again. I don’t know if this point of view is healthy, but since I’ve dropped out of college I haven’t had the time to think about the new series I’m in.

Until this point what I’ve written about has mostly been the adventures already taken. In love. In New York. But I want to take things a step further by writing stories and things that are going on currently. Maybe then I can find out the title of my new television show.

Until Next I Write,


P.S. New York Part 3 will be coming out tomorrow.



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