Stepping Out Part Three- Climbing Up

I bowed over pulling my head to knees, feeling proud. Stretching had always been my strong suit. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the other dancers. Apparently everyone wore the same suit. Tiny girls were practicing splits while everyone older seemed to surpass my flexibility.

The room was full of Cirque du Soleil talented individuals. As soon as we were all finished stretching one of them came up to me. He introduced himself as Aaron before the teacher assigned everyone silk ropes to climb. We shared the same one.

“Have you ever climbed before?” Arron said to me. I shook my head and explained that this was my first dance lesson, ever. He guided me around the room with his finger. The little girls that were climbing had been in a Christmas show. The two teenagers holing steady the silks were also teachers. Arron himself, however, was a first time participant like me.

“Up you go!” the teacher directed me. She was the same woman I had met out front of the building. I walked over to the ropes feeling a knot in my stomach.

“Don’t be afraid.” the teacher said gently. “Feel excited! This is your first time trying something.” I smiled. I lifted my arms up and around the silks, tying them secure. Soon my feet were above the ground.

That’s when I head the song. “Human,” by Christina Perri. The soft tone filled my hollow insides. If I believed in chakras then all of them felt aligned. The floor looked miles away as if it had always been. I didn’t remember locking my feet into the silks or that I was a college drop out.

I felt good. I felt like a beginner.

The teacher applauded my effort. I unlocked myself and came back to the floor. It was the happiest I’d been in months. Everything was new again. Like I could try anything without the worry of being good.

Aaron patted me on the back before taking his turn. Soon he was all locked in and learning to tumble. I cheered him on. When he dismounted I began climbing agin. I asked one of the teenagers to teach me to tumble like Aaron. At first it was hard but eventually I hoisted my feet over head.

Somewhere in mid-flight I wondered what would be next. Could I learn to sing? Was writing really that hard? If it was then I shouldn’t worry. Adventures are fun. The only failure in it would be not to try…(To Be Continued.)




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